Perjection On Hunnypot Radio: The After-Effects

August 25, 2008

Alright, everyone.  As it turns out, I was allowed to play 10 songs of my choice on Hunnypot Radio (August 18, 2008.)  I decided to stay within the confines of “California Punk,” which I thought was very appropriate, considering The Germs were there…and a little more manageable for me, actually.  I had to narrow it down some way.  As promised, the following list is what I played.  I will fill you in with lot’s of details about the tunes in the near future, since most of these songs are very rare and out-of-print.  The last 2 songs have never been released.

1.) THE MUTANTS – “New Dark Ages” (1978) – 415 Records (Reissued on White Noise)

2.) SHATTERED FAITH – “Another Day Passes” (1981) – Posh Boy Records

3.) FLYBOYS – “Crayon World” (1979) – Flyguy Records

4.) TAZERS – “Don’t Classify Me” (1982) – Tazer Records (Reissued on Rave Up Records)

5.) NUCLEAR BABY FOOD – “Sex Fix” (1982) – Mystic Records

6.) VECTORS – “Death To Disco” (1979) – (Reissued on Rave Up Records)

7.) AKA – “Tomorrow’s Theme” (1981) – American Standard

8.) THE LEWD – “Climate Of Fear” (1982) – ICI Records (reissued on Chuckie Boy Records)

9.) THE MECHANICS – “Scream City” (1978) – Unreleased

10.) THE CROWD – “A Disturbing Peace” (1981) – Unreleased   

Here’s some great news!!! 

This show is permanantly available for your auditory pleasure on Hunnypot Unlimited’s blog, called “The Hunnydrip.”  It’s an amazing listen from beginning to end.  Here’s the link:

More info about this night forthcoming with pictures…

Until then,

Chris Cormier

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