First things first. Miranda Lee Richards is my favorite musician and songwriter.  I can still remember the first time that I saw her perform: Monday – June 2, 2003 at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA.  This was long before they expanded that place into the spacious venue that it is today.  I know for a fact that it was on that exact date because this is the performance that made me start my live music log book.  It’s the first entry.  My life was permanently changed on that night.  Miranda is the most complete musical artist that I have ever encountered and no one will ever surpass her.  The amazing thing is that it only took me 5 minutes to figure that out.    

OK, enough with the crazy fan talk.  Let’s get to the business at hand.  I’m starting to sound unprofessional.  It’s all true though.

On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, I went see Miranda perform with her electric band at the Three of Clubs Bar on Vine St. (@ Santa Monica Blvd.) in Hollywood.  The Three of Clubs is an extremely dark bar with a separate cabaret-esque performance area that has a low stage and some small tables with chairs.  A very intimate setting.  It got really packed in there and, as usual, a bunch of patrons sat on the lower steps in front of the stage, so they wouldn’t obstruct anyone’s view during her set.  This performance gave Miranda a chance to give her band a good workout in front some very important people, namely her record label.

Miranda’s second record is called “Light Of X” and it will be released by Nettwerk Records in early-2009.  “Light Of X” is a wonderful progression from her stellar debut, “The Herethereafter” (2001 – Virgin) and I’ve been listening to it incessently for quite some time now.  I can’t say enough positive things about Miranda’s forthcoming record, so let me just say this: If you loved “The Herethereafter,” you will love “Light Of X” even more.  If you don’t have her first record, “Light Of X” will be an excellent and rewarding place to start.  Comprende?  You will all know what I mean when it’s released.  The CD artwork was recently completed and it possesses the same artistic individuality and beauty as her debut (See below.) 

Miranda Lee Richards - "Light Of X" Cover (Nettwerk) (Click to enlarge)

Miranda Lee Richards - "Light Of X" Cover (Nettwerk) (Click to enlarge)

Miranda was fabulous at the Three Of Clubs, by the way.  That’s always to be expected, though.  She switched from her trusty black Gibson “Elvis Model” Dove acoustic guitar to her electric keyboard for particular songs and displayed that her voice is her greatest asset.  I can literally listen to that singing voice all day and often do.  I am very anxious and excited for her to get started on the promotion and publicity for  “Light Of X” and hit the road with a giant bang upon its release.  It’s been a long time coming for her and I know that she’s looking forward to touring and performing.  I have a feeling that she’s gonna do very well with this new record.  Actually, I know she will. 

This is Miranda and me after her performance at the Three Of Clubs.  She and I have become close friends over the years and that dynamic only adds to the quality and appeal of her music.  She’s the best!!!  You will definitely hear more about Miranda on this blog.  That’s a promise. 

Chris Cormier With Miranda Lee Richards (Self-taken with the Blackberry.)

Chris Cormier With Miranda Lee Richards (Self-taken with the Blackberry.)

Oh…before I forget.  I made some t-shirts for Miranda and I know that she’s gonna have them for sale on her website and at shows in the near future.  My friend Victor is sporting one of them in the photo below.  He calls it his “favorite t-shirt” and Victor doesn’t lie.  That logo is timeless, in my opinion.

The MLR T-Shirt.  If Victor gives it a "thumbs up," you know it's awesome.

The MLR T-Shirt. If Victor gives it a "thumbs up," you know it's high quality.

Yours truly,

Chris Cormier