Perjection is very excited to announce its first signing: a brand new Los Angeles-based band called THE GOLDEN WARRIORS.  This band is SO new that they have yet to play any shows and don’t even have a MySpace page or a functioning website yet.  So…why did Perjection sign this band?   

Well…let’s turn it over to Perjection Head Chris Cormier for some answers:

“The Golden Warriors and Perjection are a match made in musical heaven.  I am very happy to have signed them at such an early stage and look forward to having them grow with us.  I feel that they are very talented and unique in the creative dept., have the right musical attitude and share the same musical vision as Perjection.  They are not interested in joining the cliched Silver Lake/Echo Park music scene…or any scene for that matter.  They have a strong connection with music from the past and are very sure about where they want to take their music to make it fresh and exciting…and I absolutely love the name of the band and the concept behind it.”

More on the bandname with various details to come in a separate post.  Trust us, it will all make more sense at that point. 

Currently, there aren’t any photos of THE GOLDEN WARRIORS and the bandleader only wishes to be identified by his guitar rig for right now (see below.)  His reason being: “As a guitarist, there comes a certain point when the ONLY thing that matters is guitar tone.”  Makes sense to us.  Stay tuned.

1964 Fender Tremolux Amp and Gibson Historic Collection 1959 Les Paul guitar with "out of phase" pick-ups.

THE GOLDEN WARRIORS - 1964 Fender Tremolux Amp and (2003) Gibson Historic Collection 1959 Les Paul guitar with "out of phase" pick-ups. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

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