Perjection Artist Management was founded in June 2008 by music publishing veteran and “amateur” musicologist Chris Cormier.  We are based in Los Angeles, CA, maintain a long list of music contacts and keep a constant finger on the pulse of the music industry.  As we grow, we intend to spread into other areas of the music business, such as: music publishing, music supervision and music distribution (digital or otherwise.)  Above all, Perjection strives to be synonymous with MUSIC OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY – regardless of musical genre or decade.        

Having worked as a Royalties Analyst at both independent and corporate music publishing companies, Cormier admits that he is “fascinated with the lifespan of a musical copyright.”  “In publishing,” Cormier reveals, “I’ve seen songs that earn sizeable income consistently, songs that are ‘dead on arrival’ and songs that fall somewhere in-between.”  As Cormier explains further, “Working in publishing enabled me to learn the ‘income types’ and corresponding income generating capabilities that are inherent with musical copyrights and, to the larger extent, the way the music business currently works as a whole.”  Equally important for Cormier at that juncture was becoming familiar with the various “players in the game.”  “Once I began to ‘connect the dots’ and build relationships with music companies and other music industry professionals,” Cormier says, “I realized that, on a sheer business level, I could compete with the larger, more established management firms and service our clients with the highest level of guidance and customer service – the personal touch that these larger firms cannot offer.”  

During his tenure as an Analyst, Cormier was particualrly pleased to see Blues legends like Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) and B.B. King (Riley B. King) earn substantial publishing income on a continuous basis.  “These Cats are American music pioneers and giants and will forever be a source of inspiration for me and the rest of the world,” Cormier says with fast certainty, “and it’s gratifying for me to know that all 3 of them will never be obsolete in the music marketplace.”  Nonetheless, as far as Cormier is concerned, there are far too many talented and unique composers/artists/bands that never “make it” or reach their potential…artistically and financially…for whatever reason and slip through the cracks.

In addition to the business aspects of Perjection, we feel very strongly about being a “musician friendly” company.  In other words, we believe that management should be able to understand how a song is pieced together or, at least, be mindful of their clients’ musical strengths and weaknesses.  Fortunately, Cormier holds a music degree from Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and he continues to strengthen his music theory knowledge and guitar playing every day 🙂 

“Music is my life and always will be,” confessess Cormier, “it’s been that way ever since I was introduced to the original California Punk stuff at 11 years old.”  Years later with several more musical genres added to his repertoire, Cormier doesn’t see his passion for music diminishing: “I’ve still got a way to go to catch up to Michael Bloomfield’s musical knowledge and impact.”        

We hope you find our blog informative, entertaining and worthwhile.  If you are passionate about music and music-related issues, please visit the Perjection blog regularly.  You won’t be disappointed. 




One Response to “About Perjection”

  1. Brendan Earley said

    I read your review of the Pioneers of Punk and really enjoyed it. Penelope was ON that nite and of
    course I had areal ‘aw shucks’ moment when I read your comments about Fritz and myself and the Mutants so thanks for your kind words. I’ve been recording some songs lately and am wondering if you could take a listen sometime. I’ve never really stopped writing through these years and that’s all I know about- never send anything out and really, I’m surprised I’m even doing this. Any advice/feedback would be most appreciated–Brendan

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